We use only high quality hardware in our touch terminals that meet our own technical demands. For display devices, we choose 52″-55″ professional full HD displays, which are designed for continuous operation. Due to the narrow width of the selected frame displays (“narrow bezel”) you can even get seamless presentation areas up to several square meters. For the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, we have configured a terminal with 3.5 m x 1.5 m dimensions. This dimension is achieved with the help of 6 connected displays. The effect of such information screens, accompanied by specially designed software for Städelmuseum is overwhelming: Visitors are simply fascinated by the perfect combination of modern technology and historical art.

The innovative plug and play technology allows easy and rapid deployment. Through the easy 4-point calibration, our terminals can be configured and ready within a few seconds. Thanks to the infrared technology in the touch sensors being used, there are practicaly no so called „Ghost Points“, meaning false touches that can happen with optical touch systems, making control even more precise with your finger. The symbiosis of classic design, quality materials and components of the latest technology, as well as freely scalable and customizable multi-touch software makes our touch terminals a rewarding experience. This experience can be a diverse deployable solution and investment for a variety of business areas, such as museums, hospitals, POS, fairs, schools and universities. Even receptions and conference rooms can turn out as an expandable multimedia experience with our terminals.