The software used on our touch terminals is available in two versions. The standard configuration consists of any number of nodes, which can be expanded by any number of info boxes, photo galleries, video players and content elements. Colors and shapes can be adapted to the customer’s own corporate identity, without altering the basic structure of the software. Content management can be done centrally through the network (intranet and internet), using an easy to use content management system (CMS). Thus, even more complex and comprehensive solutions can be created within a short time, still remaining cost-effective.

German Center in Shanghai, China: „With the help of our touch-based information terminals, the „Besuchermagnet“ (Visitormagnet), visitors can find their way around in no time on the 30,000 square meter complex. The standard configuration of our touch terminal was extended by an algorithm that calculates the shortest route to the desired office. Thus, our touch panel solutions are – even in its standard configuration – flexible and adaptable.“

Touch Terminal German Center in Shanghai

The advanced versions of our touch terminals come alive with direct and close coordination with the customer, from the first sketches to the final stages of expansion of hardware and software. An example of such a project, the successfully created multi-touch installation at the renowned Frankfurt Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, was recently awarded with the Red Dot Design Award:

„With the reopening of the Städel museum, a multitouch table was implemented. Intentionally located among the “Old Masters”, it creates an unprecedented value in the experience of art. It invites visitors to a change in the thinking process while consuming art. A highly personal exploration of the masterpieces is deliberately provoked. The interactive application is based on an associative and didactic approach to art education. Intuitively, the visitor selects a topic, whereupon five out of 2200 questions appear. After selecting one, six out of approximately 700 images of the entire Städel collection are presented to the visitor. At the 3.5 m X 1.5 m large table, the visitor experiences a new, emotionalized process of looking at art. A highlight for visitors of all ages. Thank you!“